Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Moshe Joins The Blogosphere

Moshe Yanai of EMC, XIV and now IBM fame (I'm sure I don't need to fill in the details) is now blogging. You can catch up with him here.

As previously requested, I'm going to start posting my RSS blog feeds, starting with IBM.

  • Tony Pearson - Inside System Storage Blog - Homepage - RSS - Rating: *****
  • Barry Whyte - Storage Virtualisation - Homepage - RSS - Rating: *****
  • Moshe Yanai - Think Storage - Homepage - RSS - Rating: N/A

The Rating figure is an indication of how often and how useful I find this blog - it is *not* any comment on the quality of the writing or author, before I start to get comments on any sort of bias!


hollis_chuck said...

Hi Chris

The consensus here at EMC from people who've worked extensively with Moshe is that it isn't him who's doing the writing.

The tone, subject matter, cadence, etc. -- it's not the guy we all worked with.

That being said, it's a well-written and thoughtful piece -- whoever did it!

Chris M Evans said...


Great conspiracy theory! What we need now is some document analysis software and samples of Moshe's emails or original work at EMC to compare it too...

Maybe we could get these guys to sort it out...


hollis_chuck said...

I don't think it's a conspiracy per se, just a bit of smart marketing.

Let's face it, Moshe is a "name" in this business. And using that name to attract traffic to a blog is a pretty smart move.

Don't take our word for it -- ask around with other people who've worked with the guy, see what they think.

Chris M Evans said...


Maybe I was being a little eager there! I do hope Moshe will be doing the writing himself as it will only add to the already high quality of storage blogosphere we have today.