Monday, 8 September 2008

IBM's Storage Announcements

Today IBM made a slew of new product announcements. None of it was a surprise due to lots of pre-announcement leaks and the fact the IBM session in Montpelier was to a certain degree the formal announcement of products already mentioned in standard press releases.

I can only describe the new product releases as slow and steady with nothing radical or earth shattering. What it does do is consolidate IBM's product range - slightly better tape libraries, slightly better tape drives; midrange SAN appliances, archiving appliances and a reconfirmation of the latest releases on SVC.

The release is here.

One point of note, IBM list their acquisitions in a PDF at the bottom of the release (get it directly here). IBM have acquired a lot of both hardware and software companies and this echoes somewhat of EMC a few years ago. What's interesting is to see how IBM will integrate and harmonise these products, rather than sell them as a disparate set of technologies. Should be fun...

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