Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cisco WAAS Deployments

I'm currently working on a project which is investigating Cisco WAAS deployments and I'm looking to validate successful deployments of the Cisco products in a geographically distributed environment.

Has anyone done this recently? More pertinent, is anyone prepared to share their experiences with me (in confidence if necessary)?


Igor said...

We have done a limited deployment to a few branch offices for CIFS and Domino protocols and are planning to do more. If you'd liek to discuss, drop me a line at igor *at* aronov *dot* us

DCed said...

Hi Chris,

I've not yet implented the solution but i would be more than happy if you could share your experience. We're in a centralisation process of part of our office automation tools and this includes the file services. We migrate all of them into a central NAS appliance. However, remote building 200 km away are impacted due to limitations of CIFS. One of the solution could be to implement WAAS.

Aran said...

My company has over 100 remote offices throughout the country that require access back to our data center for centralized services (email, business aps, etc...). Each office has a fairly small link, usually between 256Kb and 768Kb, with about 10 users. We have been investigating different solutions for improving the speed of application access and WAN performance.

Our network group is a heavy Cisco shop (I am in the storage group, heck I am the storage group) and they have been testing WAAS modules in the routers at a handful of remote sites.

I don't know if our network group is doing something wrong, but to date we have yet to see the WAAS devices perform well and in most cases caused network issues that required disabling the devices to resolve the network issues.