Monday, 29 September 2008

HP Power Calculators

A while back I mentioned a meeting I'd had with HP regarding Green IT (and in my case specifically storage). As part of the discussion, I asked Lucio Furlani (VP for Marketing in TSG) if we could have Power Calculations for HP storage.

Well, true to their word, HP promised and have now delivered the first of a number of storage Power Calculators, available here:

The first calculator is for the EVA4400 and there are more to follow. Get on-line and have a look and feed back what you think!

On the power calculator front, EMC, HDS (and now HP) all produce power tools for their storage products. EMC and HDS need to step up and make their tools public to anyone - after all if you believe your product is superior, then you've nothing to hide.

Does anyone know of calculators for IBM, 3Par, Pillar, Netapp etc?


Open Systems Guy said...

I googled IBM power configurator and got this one:

Networked said...

Pillar Data Systems was actually the first storage vendor I've seen make available a power calculator. In fact, Pillar's Storage Efficiency Quotient goes beyond simple power comparisons to include measurements for cooling and floor space consumption in any storage system. You can even plug in the numbers yourself and compare efficiencies of any storage system. Check it out here,