Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Green IT with HP

Last Wednesday I passed a pleasant evening chatting with a number of people from HP on the subject of "Green IT". I happen to think that "Green IT" is an oxymoron as IT is never going to deliver computing power using 100% recyclable energy and components. However, IT can certainly improve its green credentials from the position it occupies now.

The HP representatives included the EMEA VP for Marketing, one of the Sales Managers in HP's Power and Cooling Solutions division, the EMEA Environmental Strategies and Sustainability Manager and the UK and Ireland head of Innovation and Sustainable Computing. As you can imagine this gave the opportunities for plenty of lively debate.

For me, there were a number of highlights; firstly HP admitted and recognises that almost all organisations are attacking the green issue not for a sense of altruism but because being green has a direct impact to the bottom line, whether that is in reducing costs or in acquiring new business.

Second, there's the degree of how complex and unstructured the whole green debate is. Is the aim to reduce carbon footprint or to recycle precious resources (like metals)? How should all of these initiatives be measured? What's a good or bad measure? I think I need more time to mull it over.

An interesting side issue of the discussions relates to how HP have selected the bloggers with which to interact. This is being achieved in conjunction with external agencies who obviously follow the market. My concern is how to HP will determine who is an influencer and who is simply spouting hot air. There's got to be a scientific (ish) basis for this; perhaps it's readership size, perhaps it is references to their blog, perhaps it's the level of comments. Perhaps it is based on keyword count and/or other semantic scanning.

However it is achieved, companies like HP will need to ensure that the tranche of their marketing spend directed at bloggers is appropriately spent. It will be really interesting to see how this develops.

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Ulrike Droeschel said...

Hi Chris,
glad that you seem to have enjoyed the evening with us :-))

On the side issue you mentioned: yes, indeed, at HP we are looking closely at it. We absolutely acknowledge that with the bloggers a new group of influencers has risen creating its own and very specific set of communication and interaction.

We have started some months ago reading blogs that talk about HP. And yes there's indeed sort of scientific basis behind. Actually one of your blogger colleagues "educated" us on how to determine if a blog/blogger is influential and how to identify the bloggers we should interact with. So we found some interesting content and points of view, blogs that are visited by a certain number of readers and are furthermore linked to other sites, so that we decided to get to know the bloggers - the humans - behind the words.

Chris, I hope you are happy so far with the way we interacted with you. Any recommendation you might have for us would be very much appreciated. How would you like us to communicate with you?

Looking forward to read from you. And of course to the next meeting. We had afternoon tea and dinner together, so maybe next time it should be lunch :-))