Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Slow Provisioning

Poor provisioning tools annoy me. I've been annoyed today. I've been changing some VMware metas from 100GB to 200GB on a DMX. Unfortunately they were already presented (but not used) and replicated with SRDF. So I had to:

  1. "Not Ready" the R1 and R2 drives
  2. Unmask the LUNs from the FA
  3. Split the SRDF relationship
  4. Break the SRDF relationship
  5. Unmap the LUNs from their FAs
  6. Dissolve the metas
  7. Create the metas
  8. Re-establish and resync SRDF
  9. Map the LUNs to the FA
  10. Mask the LUNs to the hosts

10 steps which take some considerable time to write validate and execute. I don't do this stuff often enough to justify writing scripts to help me out; but I think this should be a vendor thing - a software tool with various configure options that creates the symconfigure and associated commands for you and indicates the steps you will have to perform. ECC is *supposed* to do it but it doesn't. Roll on some good software.

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Nigel said...


I spent a long time today and the last few days spending TONS of my time waiting for HDS HiCommand Device Manager screens to refresh. I kid you not, if I didnt have to wait for screens to refresh and terrible lags waiting for the next screen to load I could have accomplished 3 days work in half a day!! I repeat, I kid you not. It has been a painful few days waiting for SLOW software.

Good hardware..... errr not so good software (to put it mildly).