Friday, 26 January 2007

iSCSI Security Part 1

I've done some more work on iSCSI. That meant rebuilding one of my iSCSI client environments as I totalled it by trying to add another drive to the VM guest. Anyway, panic over. I've got the client working again and I've been running traces to see how easy it is to locate relevant data in an unprotected iSCSI stream.

I mentioned before that I am using iSCSI on Win2K3 talking to a Netapp filer (simulator) with Ethereal on the host Win2K3 box to monitor I/O activity. I tried today to write to a test file with Ethereal running and tracing I/O activity. The tool is splendid in its interpretation of the data it sees, formatting the packets on the basis of the content. My save of a file containing some test data yielded some interesting results.

Firstly, I found Ethereal detected the logfile entries for NTFS being saved before my actual file. These are RCRD and RSTR records which NTFS uses to recover the filesystem should anything untoward happen before the data is actually committed to disk.

After this, I tracked the MFT entries being written. These are the actual file saves which contain my data. Non-encrypted I can see the content. Using Ethereal and a tool to map NTFS records, I could easily spy on data being stored on iSCSI volumes. Here are some screenshots:

The first shows the MFT entry that NFS stores for the file save. I used Winhex to examine the blocks on disk. Note the content of the file "The Quick Red.......", plus the file name "TestFile1.txt" in unicode, so using double characters. Contrast this to the Ethereal output which was scanning the network. This shows the same data captured by scanning the network. Ethereal is generous enough to even format the data to allow me to locate the iSCSI data. This is no good for any organisation which must offer data security. Part II will discuss what can be done.

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