Monday, 29 January 2007

Buy Buy Buy

More acquisition news; Brocade and McDATA are finally just Brocade after the purchase completes. There's a snazzy new logo

which I can't decide is like a pair of red angel wings, or some convoluted join of the M and B from the two companies. Personally, I preferred the old logo depicting a fabric, it worked for me. I even had a lovely "personal" email from Michael Klayko (as I'm sure lots of other people did).

Anyway, moving on, what's more interesting is IBM bought SoftTek. Now they have a great product, TDMF, a piece of software that really made me go "wow!" when I first saw it in action. It literally is a transparent data mover. With the mainframe version (I was a proper storage admin when I started out on the mainframe) you could sync up many volumes in real time and perform an instant swap on them, allowing migration of TB of storage in seconds. I used the product to migrate data from an old storage array to new without any user impact or input at all. I hope IBM uses its new jewel well.

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