Monday, 15 December 2008

HDS Play Catch Up

Second post today!

So HDS have announced solid state disks. Here's the post. They're only 11 months behind EMC and once they've actually become available it will be nearly a full 12 months "late".

It's interesting to note that HP haven't (yet) made an equivalent announcement on XP. I imagine it will follow in the fullness of time, although its odd as Hitachi product announcements tend to be released by HDS and HP at the same time.

I wonder what HDS really think about this announcement? Part of the press release says:

"Flash-based SSDs in the USP V will help differentiate Hitachi Data Systems high-end offerings when deployed in combination with the company’s virtualization, thin provisioning and integrated management features."

Well Duh! As no other vendor (excluding the obvious HP) has virtualisation then clearly USP will always be differentiated, regardless of SSD support.

None of the HDS bloggers have co-ordinated a post with the announcement so there's no depth behind the press release, for instance to explain exactly how SSD and virtualisation create a differentiator - Tony??


ilker said...

Hi Criss,

Actually HP also announce the SSD on the XP storage.

With low power consumption, superior read performance and increased usage in enterprise, solid state storage technology is a hot topic. Solid state storage technology can provide customer benefits in several different areas and in different architecture implementations. HP has segmented the market based on different connection methods (Memory, IO, hard disk replacement and external storage). HP is testing solid state storage technologies for servers and external storage applications and will start delivering products based on this technology by late 2008.
HP works closely with our partners to deliver storage and server solutions that allow our customers to accelerate their business growth while minimizing costs and risks.
The intent of this document is to describe solid state storage technology and its use case, as well as answer frequently asked questions.

Chris M Evans said...

I looked hard (and asked HP this morning) but couldn't find it. HP haven't confirmed yet. Do you have a link to a press release?

Doug said...

HP has already quietly posted their new XP24000/20000 Data Sheet and Quickspecs on Nov. 17 which reference 73GB SSD Disk Drives,
but no press release.

Doug said...

Here's the link:

Tony Asaro said...

You told me not to blog on SSDs ;)

Chris M Evans said...

I thought that was UVM/virtualisation, not SSD? Oh well. :-)

Tony Asaro said...

And I quote:

"We need to hear something new, something game-changing (oh and not me-too stuff like HDS putting SSDs into their arrays)."


I concur. And I also agree that we need more substantive info and not reactionary FUD. Stay tuned.