Thursday, 4 December 2008


In case you don't always go back and look at comments (and let's face it, it's not easy to track them), then have a look at Tony's comment from my post yesterday. It's good to see a bit of banter going on and that's what HDS could do with.

HDS have hardly developed a good blogging prowess, it's more a case of "oh well, better do that" than taking a lead in new media.

Look at EMC.

There's geeky leaky Storagezilla with his uber-technical posts and sneaky advance notice of EMC technology.

Next The Storage Anarchist with his ascerbic character and product assassinations of the competition.

And who can forget Chuck, EMC's futurologist with his head in the cloud.

There's others of course, filling in the technical detail. Apologies if I haven't mentioned you by name. EMC have certainly grabbed Web 2.0 and given it a good shake.

Sadly HDS don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for marketing to their customers. Blog posts are few and far between from the small slew of bloggers they have to date. Content is shallow and that's a big problem.

We *all* know USP is faster than DMX. Anyone who's had the products in their lab know exactly what I'm talking about. Unfortunately unless HDS make a song and dance about it, they're going to be the Betamax of the Enterprise storage world.

Tony, keep the posts coming! Give is some real substance to beat up the competition with!!


hollis_chuck said...

Hi Chris!

Thanks for noticing the plethora of EMC bloggers -- we've now got over 20 on a variety of subjects. It's been one of my pet projects over the last year or so.

I'm flattered at being described as a "futurologist'. Depending on who you read, I've been called far, far worse.

I'd beg to disagree on the 'everyone knows' swipe on the HDS. A key part of our DMX business is going head to head with them in production environments, and beating them on a wide range of performance profiles.

And that's before we load up the EFD drives :-)


-- Chuck

Tony Asaro said...

You got it brother! Although at times it might seem like I am ranting ;)

Ianhf said...

I agree - but times are a changing @ HDS. Can't say too much yet but the GA structure has changed a lot and a new breed of uber high-quality evidence armed techies are about to be let out to communicate & drive - should be fun :)