Wednesday, 16 May 2007

USP-V...and another thing

I hate it when I write a post then think of other things afterwards. One more USP-V thought (I'm sure there will be more). One of the drawbacks of the current hardware with virtualisation is the effort to remove/upgrade the USP. Was there anything in the announcements on Monday to cater for this? I was hoping HDS would announce USP "clustering". Although they don't think it is necessary from a resiliency perspective, it certainly is if you want to upgrade and haven't done a 1 for 1 passthrough on LUNs (i.e. presented "big" LUNs to the array and then carved them up in the USP).

So HDS, did you do it?

Oh, and another one...for customers who've just purchased a standard USP, will there be a field upgrade to USP-V?

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