Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Tuning Manager CLI

I've been working with the HiCommand Tuning Manager CLI over the last few days in order to get more performance information on 9900 arrays. Tuning Manager (5.1 in my case) just doesn't let me present data in a format I find useful, and I suppose that's not really surprising as, unless you're going to add a complete reporting engine into the product, then you'll be wanting to get the data out of the HTnM database and build your own bespoke reports.

So I had high hopes for the HTnM CLI, but I was unfortunately disappointed. Yes, I can drag out port, LDEV, subsystem (cache etc) and array group details, however I can only extract one time period of records at a time. I can display all the LDEVs for a specific hour, or a day (if I've been aggregating the data) but I can't specify a date or time range. This means I've had to script extracting and merging the data and the result is, it is sloooow. Really slow. One other really annoying feature - fields that report byte throughput sometimes report as "4.2 KB" sometimes as "5 MB" - which programmer thought a comma delimited output would want a unit suffix?

I'm expecting delivery of HTnM 5.5 (I think 5.5.3 to be specific) this week and here's what I'm hoping to find; (a) the ability to report over date/time range (b) the database schema to be exposed for me to extract data directly. I'm not asking much - nothing much more than other products offer. Oh, and hopefully something considerably faster than now.

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