Monday, 14 May 2007

100 Up

I've reached 100! No, not 100 years old, but my 100th post. I've surprised myself that I've managed to keep going this long.

So a bit of humour - I'll save the USP-V discussions until later - who remembers Storage Navigator for the 9900 series?

Well, the left-hand toolbar has various icons on it. One of them I've reproduced here;

it looks like a fried egg and a spanner. But what is it meant to represent (btw, it's the icon for LUSE/VLL).

Answers on a postcard please....


Nigel said...

Its the arial view of a disk drive with one of those ..... ohhh damn brain freeze..... tool things. Is it a stilson wrench with an adjustable size. Representing variable size LUNs.

I agree that it kind of does look like a fried egg, however, most people I know think it looks like something else. Any guesses what?


Nigel said...

PS. congrats on the 100 posts. I enjoy your blog.

Chris M Evans said...

Yeah, I thought that's what people thought the sun and the moon thingy was when you apply changes... I think a fried egg is probably more politically correct.