Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Simulator Update

I managed to get a copy of the Celerra Simulator last week and I've just managed to get it installed. Although it is simple, it is quite specific on requirements - it runs under VMware ACE as a Linux program. It needs an Intel processor and can't run on a machine with VMware already installed. Fortunately my test server fits the bill (once I uninstalled VMware Server). Once up, you administer through a browser.

At this stage that's as far as I've got - however it looks good. More soon.


bkelly said...

I've been searching hi and low for the SIM software - could you post info on how to obtain? is it DL'able?


Chris M Evans said...

I suggest you talk to your local EMC representative. The software isn't downloadable and isn't available to normal customer accounts on Powerlink. You need to get an EMC employee to do it for you.

Coralgrower said...

If you are an EMC customer you can download the latest Celerra Simulator version from the EMC Powerlink website. This version runs on VM workstation or VM player. The link is included below.

richard said...
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richard said...
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swensr said...

The new 5.5.29 version of the EMC Celerra Simulator is now downloadable to registered EMC Powerlink users.

There are several significant changes in this release.

* This version runs under the VMware Player or Workstation as a VMware image and does not utilize the VMware ACE package.

* There are 2 versions, for 1 and 2 Datamovers. The 1 Datamover version requires less client memory.

* There is no licence key required and there is no expiration.

* It is available to any Powerlink Registered User, employee, partner, and customers.

Available on EMC Powerlink at:

Home > Support > Product and Diagnostic Tools > Celerra Tools > Celerra Simulator