Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Personal Storage: Goodbye to Old Friends

I like to use the Christmas holidays as an excuse for a good old-fashioned cleanout. This invariably means burning (shredding takes to long and we don't have a hamster) old paperwork and junking lots of defunct technology.

I tend to hoard stuff, however I have got my miscellaneous technology down to four crates. Being thrown this year was a lot of storage related technology including;

  • Two 3.5" floppy drives -I don't actually have any floppy media so the drives are no longer useful

  • Philips DVDRW208 - one of my earliest DVD writers

  • Toshiba DVD-RAM SD-W1101

  • Creative 52x CD Drive CD5233E

  • Pioneer CD-ROM DR-U06S

  • Exabyte EXB-4200CT DAT drive

  • Seagate STT320000A DAT drive

The early DVD writers were a pain to get working with different media types. The quality of the media sure made a difference. I never got on with DVD-RAM, especially with the cartridge loading format; and as for the DAT drives...

At the time this technology seemed new and cutting edge. Now it seems so old hat. I wonder what I'll be throwing out next year!

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