Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Off Topic: Dropping TweetDeck Refresh Rate

Slightly off topic and apologies for it, but I've been using Twitter for some time now and I normally use TweetDeck rather than the standard interface (although on the iPhone I use Tweetie).

As follower numbers have increased, I'm finding one minute updates a distraction so I've dropped my refresh rate to something more manageable.
General updates are now 15 minutes, 5 mins for replies and 10 for DMs. This has made things more easy to cope with but I may drop to lower when getting "real" work done!
I had 624 tweets this morning to go through. I can't imagine how people like Stephen Fry cope!


BlueArc said...

It is interesting to read your comment on having "624 Tweets" to go. While everybody uses Twitter differently, do you feel like you'll miss something if they're not all read. We tend to rely more on search than the full feed.

Chris M Evans said...

Like reading RSS feeds, I started reading everything, then started filtering and scan reading for the important stuff. I think I've reached that threshold with Twitter; definitely being selective about the stuff I'm reading and I've dropped the odd person from my follow list.