Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Off The Grid

I've been on holiday for the last week (sunning myself and the family in Cyprus). I had no Internet access - not even TV! Although I had no laptop (or Blackberry this time) I did take my iPod Touch, now configured with the mobile version of NewsGator. As I've mentioned previously, I have a 100+ RSS feeds (which I'll publish once I get around to it) on storage and others. My backlog was about 2500 entries, so I decided to challenge myself to get up to date and read as much as possible. Clearly I didn't read them all (there were plenty that could be skipped) but I read most and it provides for an interesting cross section...

EMC - blogs are run like a military machine; co-ordinating the news relating to new product releases and mercilessly hammering the competition. EMC have more storage bloggers than any other storage company and there are some good ones out there - one of my favourites is Information Playground by Steve Todd, where he discusses the design of Clariion.

Netapp - follows a close second to EMC with lots of bloggers and lots of competitor bashing. I particularly like Alex McDonald's postings.

IBM - doing a great job running the "resistance", fighting back against the continual onslaught of Barry (A Burke). Check out Barry (Whyte) and Tony Pearson. I'd like to see more from IBM though, especially their product developers working on DS arrays and XIV.

HDS - A jolly good bloke, but not really a player in the blogosphere. Only Hu contributes regularly, but doesn't engage in any serious debate.

Sun - quite literally on another planet with their storage strategy!

Dell - bought some toys, but doesn't know how to play with them. Unfortunately the older boy who could help them play with them has left...

Now there are more companies out there and I don't think I have any blog links from Brocade, 3Par, Compellent, Emulex, Qlogic, Pillar and others although I may be wrong (it is getting late). Any RSS link offerings gladly welcome - although I might not get around to reading them before my next holiday!


marcfarley said...


Marc Farley here, now blogging at 3PAR.


CalvinZ said...

Hi Chris,

HP StorageWorks has a blog that you can find at www.hp.com/storage/blog. Our blog is a group blog. Given our portfolio covers such a broad swath of products, solutions, and services, we decided to host a single blog with multiple bloggers. It’s a very active blog with 3-4 posts per week. It also is the most popular of all our IT-focused blogs (targeting server, storage, software, and services for SMB and Enterprise customers).

As the largest technology company in the world, HP often gets forgotten as a storage company but the storage business at HP is very healthy… thank you very much. HP announced our Q3 results yesterday and our entry level and mid-range arrays (MSA and EVA) grew revenue at 19% year over year and overall we grew at 16% year over year outpacing both EMC and IBM.

The blog has covered lots of topics like deduplication, best practices, Solid State Technology, green storage, extreme storage, Miley Cyrus, Frank Sinatra and a lot more. Stop by and take a look!


Calvin Zito
HP StorageWorks Marketing

BarryWhyte said...

Welcome back, I'll see if I can drum up some friends to help fill your gaps.

Chris M Evans said...

Marc - great new site! Shame to see I'm not on the blogroll though.... :-)

Chris M Evans said...


Thanks for the reminder. I think I have your blog on my list. I'll be summarising all the blog links I have and will ensure HP are on there.

Chris M Evans said...

Barry, thanks!

The more the merrier...