Friday, 14 September 2007

SAN Virtual Appliances

LeftHand, FalconStor, Arkeia and Datacore all now offer VMware appliance versions of their products. I'm in the process of downloading them now and I'm hoping to install over the next few days and do some testing. I've previously mentioned some VM NAS products which I've installed but not reported back on. I'll try to summarise all my findings together.

It seems that the market for virtual appliances (certainly in storage) is getting bigger. I think this is a good thing but I'm not sure that the virtualisation technology today provides capabilities to allow all vendors to virtualise their products. I suspect that the iSCSI brigade will get best benefit out of this wave of technology but fibre channel will not, as (from my experience) VM products don't directly pass through fibre channel hardware to the VM guests (I'm aware of how RDM works in a VMware environment but I don't think pass-through of target devices is sufficient).

Will IBM produce an SVC Virtual Appliance? I doubt it, but products such as Invista should be perfect candidates for virtualising as they don't sit in the data path and the controller parts aren't critical to performance. So EMC, show us your commitment to Invista and make 3.0 the virtual version!

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hughsheehy said...

Any feedback on these? I didn't see any subsequent posts on the Virtual SAN appliances.