Tuesday, 24 July 2007

EMC Power - link?

Thanks to Barry/Mark for their posts/comments on power usage. Call me stupid (and people do) but I can't find the EMC Power Calculator for download on Powerlink as 'zilla suggests (although I did find a single reference to it).

Can you post the link guys? Is it EMC internal only? If so, any chance on sharing it with us? If I can get a copy I'll do more detailed calculations on the components too.

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Mark said...

Hi Chris,
It appears that I was delusional when I referenced the EMC Power Calculator. It's only available to employees and partners and specific config requests are available via your Rep.

Interestingly, I wasn't the only one who was delusional but after checking it now appears we all were. I'll update my post when Typepad comes back online, 6A are having power issues.

(I'm not kidding they sent me an email.)