Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A couple of interesting comments

A couple of comments have been posted which look quite interesting so I think they're worthy of being re-mentioned in case you missed them.

First of all, at www.hds.com/webtech is a list of up coming webinars. The list looks a little "lite" however the first should be of interest (getting better alerting from Tuning Manager) bearing in mind my recent postings. Thanks to Rick for that one.

Second, a new site at www.lunmonkey.com. I haven't tried it, but it looks to be a site which will help autogenerate symconfigure commands based on a map of your storage configuration. I'd be interested to see if anyone's tried this.

While I'm on that topic, I think we need more Open Source type storage products. Clearly the vendors aren't going to produce products which provide real cross-system support (for obvious reasons). What we need is a Linux for storage. Despite all the talk, I don't think anyone is really doing it yet.


BruceNorikane said...

Hi Chris,

I really enjoy your blogs on storage performance. Thanks.

Have you taken a look at Sun's open source storage efforts?


Solaris is already open source, and Sun has added ZFS and replication.

Most of the necessary target and intitiator code is already there, and more will be released in the near future including pNFS.

Do you think this is a good start for an open source storage system?

Bruce Norikane

rick said...


Thanks for the plug for WebTech. You beat me to the HDS Forums by a few hours. I've got it there now, with a sticky post so it stay on the top.

If you, or your fellow bloggers, have requests for something that we can cover in an hour, let me know. We've got the 1st four scheduled, but looking for ideas on additional sessions.