Thursday, 15 June 2006

Tuning Manager, storage on storage

I've done more work on Tuning Manager today and added a number of systems for collection. I'm not keen on the interface (currently using version 4.1) and so will be getting version 5.0 installed quickly. The proof of the pudding will be in the information I get out of the product. I'll give it a few days then start to see what we're collecting.

How much storage is now used to monitor, ahem, storage? With the creation of databases for collating performance data and configuration data (think of ECC for instance) a significant infrastructure and storage volume is needed simply to manage the storage itself. How much storage is needed before we reach Parkinson's Law and all the storage we have is for monitoring itself?

I shared a few beers with Dan Crain last night. It's an interesting time for the storage fabric vendors. Whilst I can't mention specifics, there's a lot of interesting stuff on the horizon and the storage fabric is moving well and truly away from a basic interconnect. Value add is going to become a big thing; a basic monolithic storage interconnect will no longer cut the mustard.

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Rick Freedman said...


I would heartily encourage you to try Tuning Manager 5.0. The major enhancements in this latest release is a vastly improved user interface. We've had very positive responses to the improvements from other customers and would welcome your comments as well.

Thank you for leaving the feedback on Hu Yoshida's blog

If you've any specific questions about Tuning Manager, please consult with your account team, or email me at rick.freedman 'at'

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