Tuesday, 27 June 2006

ECC Lite

I've talked previously about management tools. I don't think we'll see a unified "one tool fits all" solution. However in the meantime I think there are some things we can do;

So, ECC, huge product, lots of features. What happens if you want to do a little configuration work but don't want to deploy an entire ECC infrastructure. I suggest ECC Lite, a simple GUI based version of SYMCLI. It lets you visualise your storage, do the same TimeFinder and SRDF functions and to build and kick off symconfigure. It runs under windows on your local machine (if you have Gatekeeper access to your Symmetrix) and doesn't require big servers. Lastly it is FREE. It doesn't exist; perhaps I'll write it.

In the interests of equality (certainly with HDS, I can't comment on IBM) if HDS provide command device access to their arrays, I'd write one for that too.

So, we get the basics; the terms that define LUNs, array groups, etc can then be made generic, then we can create a product that spans both vendors using generic storage terms. I'd like that one too.


Josh Maher said...

Have you seen SMC http://www.emc.com/products/software/smc/index.jsp

dan said...

You can try this web site www.lunmonkey.com