Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Home Storage Management - Week 1

So after discussions on home storage, I'm going to do a weekly cleanup/report on what I've achieved. Here's the baseline;

Main Server; 927GB of usable storage (via Drobo) - 768GB in use. (82.84%). In fact I've consolidated a pair of mirrored 400GB drives onto the Drobo to make the full 768GB, so I've already freed these drives to be removed.


C: - 103GB total, 75.4GB in use (73.2%)

L: - 38.7GB, 34.85GB in use (90%)

I've included both C: (O/S) and L: (data) as my offline folder is on the C: drive


C: - 57.2GB - 34.3GB used (60%)

D: - 97.6GB - 4GB used (4.1%)

E: - 274GB - 133GB used (48.5%)

So that's the baseline. The first saving is to delete the Exchange backup - 314GB. More to follow.

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Wheels said...

Just thought I would chip into this one as I always seem to be buying more storage:

Laptop 1: 120GB - 78GB Used

Laptop 2: 120GB - 35GB Used

QNAP NAS: 1TB RAID1 - 350GB Used

Backup Disk 1: 320GB - 200GB Used (Mac Time Machine)

Backup Disk 2: 500GB - 350GB Used (NAS Backup)

Backup Disk 3: 500GB - 0GB Used

I will look at how that data is made up and post next time.