Monday, 14 January 2008

My Drobo Has Been Ordered

I've been mulling over for some time whether to purchase/evaluate the Drobo storage device. Up to now I've been put off by the lack of NAS support, as the device only supports USB2.0. However all that has changed; I read today that there's now the DroboShare, which converts the Drobo into a NAS device. I've yet to see the full details (and I doubt the DroboShare will not be available some time in the UK) however this now justifies my purchase (as no-one has offered me one so far!).

The order is in - for Drobo and two 1TB drives. I can't wait...


Stephen Foskett said...


Right on with the Drobo. It looks great! I noted the DroboShare in my blog today, too - hope you grabbed that discount code!


Chip said...


I have a Drobo and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Hope you do too! -Chip Paswater