Thursday, 30 August 2007

Holiday is over...

I'm back from my annual summer break (hence the lack of posts for a couple of weeks). I managed to resist the temptation to go online while away (partly because I only had access to the 'net via a 32K modem and mostly because of the hard stares from my wife every time I went near the computer)....

I addition, I trashed my PDA by dropping it onto a concrete car park floor so I had no wireless access either. Loss of my PDA was annoying (if not just for the cost of replacement) but for the potential loss of access to data. Fortunately being a good storage guy, I write all my data to an SD card so didn't lose any access.

Any-hoo, before I went away, I solved my Cisco problem. Turns out it was a bug; upgrading to OS 3.1(1) and above then caused routing issues with FCIP links created after the upgrade. A supervisor swap sorted the problem. The resolution was quite simple but the effort to get there was significant, despite the huge amount of diagnostics built into Cisco equipment. Still, I learned a lot and as usual it showed me that however hard I work, I'll never know everything (or probably even 10% of the storage world).

Right, back to catching up with my RSS backlog. These days its almost impossible to keep up with the daily posts!

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