Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Optimisation tools

Large disk arrays can suffer from an imbalance of data across their RAID/parity groups. This is inevitable even if you plan your LUN allocation as data profiles change over time and storage is allocated and de-allocated.

So, tools are available. Think of EMC Optimizer, HDS Cruise Control and Volume Migrator.

I've put a poll up on the blog to see what people think - I have my own views and I'll save them until after the vote closes next week.

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Nigel said...


I personally use Cruise Control/Volume Migrator regularly and have tought for a long time that its a great tool. Has its limitations of course, one of those being that it cn only work at the LUN level.

I did laugh a while ago though when snig compared it with dynamic sparing when you have a failed psindle in a RAID set. No vendor charges you for dynamic sparing which is very similar to Cruise Control.