Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Virtually There

VMware looks like it is going to be a challenge; I'm starting to migrate standard storage tools into a VMware infrastructure. First of all, there's a standard VMware build for Windows (2003). Where should the swap file go? How should we configure the VMFS that it sits on? What about the performance issues in aligning the Windows view of the (EMC) storage with the physical device so we get best performance? What about Gatekeeper support? and so on.

It certainly will be a challenge. First thing that I need to solve, is if I have a LUN presented as a raw device to my VM guest and that LUN ID is over 128, although the ESX server can see it, when ESX exports it directly to the Windows guest, it can't be seen. I've a theory that it could be the generic device driver on Windows 2003 that VMware uses. I can't prove it (yet) and as yet no-one on the VMware forum has answered the question. Either they don't like me (lots of other questions posted after mine have been answered) or people don't know....

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